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Current Projects

Girls Can

The project works to inspire and engage girls aged 11-15 years in positive activities, helping them make informed decisions and overcome barriers. 

Kainé Youth Collective

Kainé Youth Collective allows an opportunity for young people to discuss, share and reflect on views about contemporary issues.

Braunstone Mums and Dads

Braunstone Moms and Dads is a programme for parents to share experiences, develop friendships and support one another. 

There's no cost for group members, as we are currently funded by Ward funding from Leicester City Council. All our staff are DBS cleared and trained in safeguarding.

We've adapted to Covid-19 restrictions by meeting outside and limiting group numbers - we hope to return to indoor meetings soon.

Sisters Can

Sisters Can is a programme for females that will equip and assist them in focusing on self-enrichment and success in all aspects of their lives.

Freedom Day

It is becoming increasingly recognised that history is not solely about the past but is about the present. With this ethos in mind, each year in January, with the funding ofDe Montfort university, we celebrated Freedom Day! Freedom day seeks to ensure that the future generation get to understand their history. Our examination of freedom included freedom from discrimination, freedom of speech, personal freedoms and continuing struggles towards freedom.

Past Projects

Better Together

To help the future of tomorrow, it is important to ensure they understand their past. Better Together is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, which brings senior citizens from the Windrush generation and young people with black heritage/migrant status together to talk about experiences of migration from the Windrush generation to today.


LCB Depot Kainé Management, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester, United Kingdom, LE1 1RU


0116 261 6840



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