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Kainé seeks to educate, empower and entertain through the implementation of Arts, Community and Education programmes. We work alone and in partnership with our sponsors to support all ages to gain new experiences, increase knowledge,address disadvantages and inherit positive futures. 

Our Objectives

  1. To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit in particular by;

    1. providing and supporting music and creative art projects which foster integration and skills, sharing between people from diverse backgrounds

    2. educating the public about different cultures, especially through music and arts, to increase awareness and understanding

    3. celebrating individuality and bringing people together

  2. To benefit the public through advancing education for young people and adults. 

  3. To act as a resource for young people in Leicester, by providing advice, supporting and organising physical and educational programmes in order to:

  4. To support young people to advance in life and help them develop their skills and capabilities, to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individual by:

    1. advance education

    2. reducing unemployment

  5. To enhance social welfare through the use of provisions and facilities for individuals who would benefit from such resources.  This includes people of all ages, able bodied and disabled and those with financial difficulties, with the objective of improving and supporting their lives. 

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