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meet our team

Kainé seeks to educate, empower and entertain through the implementation of Arts, Community and Education programmes. We work alone and in partnership with our sponsors to support all ages to gain new experiences, increase knowledge, address disadvantages and inherit positive futures. 

Our Directors


Maxine Chambers

I am a co-founder and director/trustee of Kainé. I have over 30 years’ experience of working in the local community, both in public sector and third sector positions. The establishment of Kainé came because of my desire to see people gain new experiences and reach their goals. I am motivated to continue to develop initiatives that address local issues and sit on the board directing the work and delivering front line services. I am a people person and want my legacy to be that I did all I could to help others to live their best lives and inherit positive futures.


Rose Rock

I am honoured to have joined Kainé Board of Directors 2019. I have gained an appreciation of how Kainé manages and develops aspects of choirs and performances as I am also an original member of Leicester Women’s Gospel Choir since 2012. Other areas I have experience in includes management, communication and administration. It has been a blessing offer support to Kainé on a more strategic level.

The strong community spirit shines through all aspects of the work that Kainé do, which enables them to bring out the best in all walks of life through various projects and education programmes. Kainé have managed to work through lockdown and come through stronger, celebrating their 20-year anniversary. By God's grace He will continue to guide Kainé in all future endeavours.

Director - Events

Vanessa Calvert

My name is Vanessa Calvert and I have been singing with Kaine choirs for 13 years and I've been on the Board of Directors for 5 years.
I have 36 years' experience in a Retail background.
I have run stores from £2m turnover to Flagships taking £10m.
I am now a Retail Area Manager and have run areas from £6m up to £28m.
I am delighted to be part of the Kaine Organisation as I believe in all they do in the Community. It is great to be part of an organisation that's been going for over 20 years!

Portrait Image of Gregory Smith


Gregory Smith

I am Gregory Smith co-founder of the charity kainè. I serve as a director on the board of trustees but i also undertake operational management duties within arts and education . I primarily oversee the management of the community choirs and our flagship schools programme 'Yes You can'. My role at kainè is varied I can be seen working in the office or in classroom carrying out various functions. No day is ever the same.

Director - Finance

Christopher Jarram

One cold winter evening, in 2015, I went to the Curve Theatre, thinking I was about to see a Gospel Choir perform. Instead it was a rehearsal night for The Curve Gospel Choir, one of Kaines many gospel choir here in the midlands. Everyone was so friendly, encouraging and welcoming that 2 weeks later I was stood on a stage with the choir performing at The Festival of Choirs. Its been a great experience ever since, the people, the friends you make, and the enjoyment of singing. I would definitely recommend joining one of the choirs.

In 2019 I became a board member for Kaine, and see all the good Kaine do in the community, you really couldn’t meet a nicer group of people. I work in the Hospitality industry and try and bring some of the things I have learnt during my career to Kaine in the hope to support the wonderful work they do.

Director - IT & Data

Safiya Paul

Like most of the board, i joined the Kainé Directors due to my time in their Choirs. I am here to help the charity's technological and data arm move forward, helping to drive further efficiencies for the organisation so that our projects team can focus on delivering the best service to our users and members. I have been a Data/Business Analyst for 5 years, recently stepping into IT, whereby I hope the skills I gain will continue to benefit Kainé.

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