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Our Work

Kainé takes great pleasure in dedicating its work to three specific yet related areas. The work that Kainé provides is within Arts, Community and Education. Kainé believes in supporting and encouraging people of all ages within these crucial areas.



Kainé has developed through the creativity of art and the passion of expression, combining the love of singing, music, poetry and craft to bring people together through their shared love of art.

The choirs that have been formed at Kainé is close to attendees hearts. It will bring a smile to your face and spring in your step. Come along and join the community we have at Kainé, where you will be welcome and supported to sing and spread joy.



Kainé is not only a community in of itself, but it is a part of the community and strives to bring people together. Community is something close to us all at Kainé, and through celebrating individuality, bringing people together is at the core of Kainé.

Everyone is welcome at Kainé and your individuality is recognised and accepted. We support and educate young people and adults around the importance of identity and diversity. Through workshops and events, there is plenty of opportunity to learn and for experiences to be shared.

​These inspirational workshops all include learning both traditional and contemporary songs, how to sing harmonies, performance skills and to be involved in performance at The Curve and around the city.



Kainé has and continues to develop bespoke courses, workshops and projects within its education programming. We aim to work holistically with the institution, the learner and community.

The work extends from primary through to post 16 years, with particular themed based activities that are designed and informed by youth work and careers education models of practice.

The programmes aim to critically challenge and re-motivate the learner’s perspective, stimulate new ideas and enable students to renew their personal responsibility towards learning.

Our History

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